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:? Hello - The site recommended that I introduce myself, so.....
I'm 67 years old, a fiduciary accountant (estates & trusts), live in the Hudson Valley of New York, just bought a '67 Bentley T in nice shape but needing refurbishing, have owned 2 VDP Princess Limos, an Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady and a gazillion other cars, and am not really happy unless I have an English car with wood accents inside in the garage. That's a little weird, but that's me.
I don't golf, I don't fish, I don't watch sports, don't smoke, don't drink (any more), don't fool around, and lead a totally boring life, a life which I love.
My wife and I have a little waterfront condo in Vero Beach FL which we are also refurbishing, so I keep busy.
In a nutshell (literally !) that's me. I look forward to doing the back and forth with like minded folk.

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Great to have you join us Averells. I'm sure you'll find lots of help with the Bentley T here on the forum.

Owning the Bentley T should definitely make your 'boring life' (I hardly do any of those things either) a whole lot less boring.
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