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Hello new friends.
I apologize for my very bad english, but I hope you understand me well enough ... :D

Thank you for welcome with you.

I leave in the country near Lyon in France.
I still have a 91 mercedès 500 SEC, and a 93 Daimler XJ81 V12.
I have just bought a 97 Bentley trubo R LWB in England on february this year.

She was in great condition, with 51 000 miles. Almost new :D

I just need to change the accumator sphères and rear ones, and break pads.
As i love Citroën cars, it was easy for me to do that.

Driving this car is absolutly fabulous, but I think I don't teach you anything new for you ... :D

Pictures of my car are here

Very enjoyed to be with you

best regards
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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