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headlamp trim spacers

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One of the spacers for my headlamp surrounds is missing. It is used on the single chromed setscrew that holds the surround in place. This spacer appears to be unobtainable. FS and Introcar list them as in stock, but they are in fact not. I left my order in for over a month but it looks like they will not be available any time soon.

So I've ordered some spacers, yet to arrive, and hope to modify them to fit. The spacers are 1" long, OD=1/2" with a 3/16" hole. From the pics it can be seen that the holes are recessed (pic2). In the recess at the other end of the spacer there is some black gungy material, possibly the remains of a 50 year old O-ring.

Since I do not have a lathe, I'm thinking of drilling the small recesses into the spacers on my drill press and fitting two small O-rings, one either end.

Does anyone know if the original spacers had rubber inserts? Could I use the spacers without the recesses - would it damage the headlamp surround?

Any advice or comments would be welcome.


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The recess, you can carve with a drill bit, faces the bezel and hence the flat side is against the body. After mounting, check for equal clearance between the bezel and bulb. Ahh perfection.
Also, the top hanging pegs can be adjusted and many are clogged. You want a little tension on the bezel to keep it from popping off.
Thanks for that Wraithman. So the gungy rubber was a red herring - no o-rings. I didn't know about the top pegs. I'm going to fit new rubber seals so it will probably be necessary to adjust them out a little.
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