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I am a collector of all the things that I have always wanted. When I was young I always wanted one of those grand old british cars that drove from the right side.
Now I have one.
My beloved 1953 R-Type. Nice older resto. Runs and drives well, however it needs a clutch and maybe some bottom end work as it rumbles a bit when I start it up cold.
If I cannot find some one that can do this work for me I am afraid that I will have to let it go.
Some one out there that can help me out ?? Either fix it or buy it?
I have owned it for about five years and I do enjoy this car.
My name is Jack and I have been a fly on the wall here for a while. Doesnt seem to be many older cars on here...I dont much care for the newer stuff...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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