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Gauges/Birkin limited edition

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This following quoteis from another topic which I did not want to hijack. Wraithman said -

I have always liked car dashboards that inform you. I grew up on the iconic Jaguar XKE and I luv gauges.
My 1981 Silver Wraith II has a temp gauge and my 1976 Shadow does not. I could never understand why they omitted a most important gauge. Go figure.

The Arnage 'Birkin' limited edition only came with three dashboard dials in the centre instead of the customary five. It would be interesting to hear of any other differences. Was it more expensive than a standard Arnage? If there were no other differences it seems a tad unfair to pay more and get less!

The lack of gauges would very much put me orrrffff as I agree with Wraithman in that I love dials and indicators of performance and well being.

I would love an oil temperature gauge especially. But then to be frank if there was the possibilty of a gauge to show the pressure in the suspension spheres I would probably have specified it as an option. Are Wraithman and myself just wierd people or are there other soul mates out there who feel the same?

As my old Latin master Mr Snowdon might say, "Volo plus", gauges that is.
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If you are considering a book to guide you : This was written by Richard Vaughan, a long time member of the RROC
The Complete Guide to the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph and Bentley Arnage
It also highlights many things to look for especially the camshaft issues.
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