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What's your gas mileage?

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Greeting all. I joined this forum with this burning question.

What kind of gas mileage do fellow Shadow owners get from their cars?

I am sure that this topic has been touched on before, but as a newbie to this forum I could find any old questions about this topic.

I have a '76 Shadow LWB, that I try to keep properly maintained. I have owned it for some 8 years now, and out of habit record my trip odometer mileage and fill-up in gallons with each visit to the gas station. I use Chevron Supreme gas with 92 octane and have recorded mileage in town around 6.5 to 8 miles per US Gallon. This goes up to 12.5 miles per US gallon with pure highway driving.

I do understand that in order to discuss fuel consumption, one must consider the condition of the car, but even more important driving style.

I will tell you that driving this big lunker, I drive ultra conservatively as though I had an egg under my foot between the pedal. I do not consider the car a "sporty" car, but an elegant cruiser.

The reason the question came up was that I reviewed some literature from Graham Robson who included some test review from Autocar, the British equivalent to our Road and Track magazine. After converting the Imperial gallons to US gallons, he had listed the '76 Silver Shadow at 11.2 overall miles per gallon, and 12.5 typical miles per gallon.

Are any of you fellow RR and Bentley owners with carbureted engines getting anything like this in your actual mileage?

I have a notion to start checking my weakener system and back pressure on my catalytic converter. Compression is good, CO is around 3.5 with fresh plugs and wires.

Thanks everyone in advance for your honest opinions.



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I have a 1978 Silver Shadow II.
I mostly commute thru highway at 70/80mph.
I am driving at the same pace as a normal modern car (no snail pace....) and return between 10 and 13 mpg using 95ron gas.


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