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1962 Bentley S II

67,598 Original Miles
Silver/Black Two-Tone on Black Leather Automatic
Clean and Clear California title
California Blue Plate Car

Offered at $44,990

I'm helping a very dear family friend sell his Bentley. We have known each other through the local Concours community for a dozen or so years.

This is an excellent example for those who prefer to enjoy their Bentley rather than just look at in the garage or on the lawn of a Concours event. The owner of this car has done much of the work/maintenance himself during his 20-year ownership. He purchased it from the original owner here in Southern California. At that time, the car needed a lot of work. For the next 10 years, the current owner painstakingly restored every system on the car. It took him nearly 2 years alone to do the woodwork on the interior.

The engine was rebuilt about 10 years ago and recently, he rebuilt the transmission as well as upgraded the brake system. Unfortunately, the owner has some health issues and is no longer able to work on the car himself, which is what he truly enjoys.

If you are in the market for a value-priced Bentley that is ready to be driven and enjoyed, then look no further. The owner of this car spent tens of thousands of dollars restoring and maintaining this car. He was very active in the local Rolls/Bentley Auto Club as well as a reputable concours judge.

The car comes complete with records of the service, detailed shop manuals (Over $100 each), owner’s manual, tool kit ($1,000 value), and extra keys.

If you have any questions or want more photos, please do not hesitate to contact me (Paul) at 714-335-4911 or [email protected]


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Some high end cars during the 1930's did not sell well. So many states started letting dealers title them in the year it sold. Think it stayed on the books and some dealers still used it even into the 1970's. I've seen 1970 Shadows titled as 71'. Guess sometimes people cancel orders and the dealer gets stuck with the car. California still has some weird rules with titles, letting people title new replicas in the year they replicate if they used a 1960's VW base to build into a new Porsche Speedster, for example. Boyd whats his name hot rod builder got caught building brand new cars and only using the donor car serial numbers. People often manipulate titles for earlier models to pass California smog tests with 1970 era cars as well.
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