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Front Fuses 2007 Continental GT - Where are they?

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Hi all,

I just bought a 2007 Continental GT. There is no power to the front lighter socket.. I have looked at every YT video I can find, have stood on my head and cannot for the life of me find anything that resembles a handle or latch for the front lower dash.

My lower dash says Airbag and I do not see that in any of the videos. I looked in the forums but do not see any answers.

I did have a new key made and the locksmith had the dead pedal removed which I thought odd. Did they move the fuses to behind the dead pedal on USA models? If not does anyone have a pix of what the handle should look like? The one video I saw that showed the 'location' was so dark it was useless.

Thanks in advance
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The fuses are located under the steering wheel. There is a leather wrapped panel you will need to remove. It is very easy to do, once its down the fuses will be displayed to you.
Thanks for the reply. I cannot find anything to release the panel. I have the service manual so I know where it should be but it is not there. Going to a Bentley mechanic tomorrow to find out what they say. When I find out I will post pix for everyone to see.

Thanks for the pix. Sorry for the delay. I took my 2007 to an independent and they did the work I needed. There is no release to be found on my car. It is either broken or was never there.

I am finding a few idiosyncracies in my car as I go. These are a few of the things that do not match with documentation such as the owner manual and service manual. I have both and there are apparently a lot of mid-model year changes {or bespoke/order configuration} anomalies.

1. My fuse box appears to have friction 'locks' rather that latches that release the glove box. The panel pries open in a similar manner to removing trim panels.
2. My nav unit uses CD rom rather than the DVD version that 'supposedly' happened in 2007
3. The passenger airbag on/off selector is not a key switch but rather a red latching {sometimes} push button

The documentation I suppose follows the same thought pattern that the parts philosophy does. Not to be a smartbutt but the operative theme here seems that original Bentley owners do not have the inclination to do anything but drive the car. The mechanicals and maintenance are best left to the hired help and price is no object.

When I did my own maintenance in both marine and aviation environments the same rule applied. If it said aviation or marine the same bolt was 3 to 4 times the price of a 'regular' part. Gotta luv it.
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