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Flying spur headrest

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Hi when anyone sits in the back the headrest comes up is there anyway to stop it or adjust the height it comes up
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It sounds a lovely feature.
We had a Mercedes S500 and with two friends in the back on a long journey, my wife accidently pressed the wrong button. In that car the headrests just fell down. I hope in your Spur it does it rather more gently. Our two friends were not amused I seem to recall.
From what I know there are motors for each headrest and when the rear doors are open, it triggers the action. Can you hear the motors when standing outside with the window down while opening and closing the rear doors? It is well known that if you hear the motors, the headrest is off track, hence rear seat removal is necessary.
Do the rear doors self close? There are no overide or adjustment switches for the rear and the action is triggered initially with seat sensors.
Hi yes both headrests move but when rear passengers are short there head sits in the gap between the headrest and the back seat -another problem ‘ fixed ‘ by bentley that never existed-like the self closure of the doors -a feature that will close the door no matter what -even if your fingers are in the door shut
I used a 2006 FS for over a year with no issues but I'm aware of the headrest debacle.
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