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I actually love these, but they're so small that for certain countries I have no idea what flag I'm seeing.

For some of these, you hover over them and you get a location. It appears to be the location that the member supplies, and only if they supply it.

But if they've chosen to indicate their country with one of these flags, it would be nice if the forum software always displayed that information based on the selected flag when you hover your mouse over same.

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The idea is to not be too intrusive, but still to show a little insight into where our members are from. It has been suggested to make it a little bigger, but others like it the way it is. At the moment we are not focusing on these little changes so that we can take care of more urgent fixes, but the feedback is welcome.

When we have more time to look at these little creature comforts, we can look at ways to improve the flags.

The best option is that if a member wants to show their location is to set the location details from their account details. This will then display when you hover over the flag.


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