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Finding a Previous Owner?

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Hello all,

Is there a section where we can post to try and find a previous owner? I'm in the UK and have a 1990 Turbo R, i'm interested in finding out more about my cars history. I know it's a long shot and may not even be allowed (GDPR, personal data etc etc). Last digits of my chassis are 33986 on the off chance.

Many thanks
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Rob, you might be able to get that information from the DVLA. Failing that. I would join whatever RR club there is in the UK and see if they have an owner register.
Hi All,

Sorry for opening old ticket but I do have same problem as @rob00158 however I do have car imported from USA.

Would anyone know if is possible to track car history by VIN number?

It's not possible to get history from any source anymore. The various Rolls-Royce Owner's Clubs around the world are the best sources if you know the original delivery market for the car in question and you must generally be a member before any information will be released.

For all I know (as I haven't done this in recent years, and you could still get data from DVLA in the UK when I last needed to) the clubs may now be keeping this information under wraps.

All of the above being said, there are sites such as Check that VIN that you can use to get quite a bit of history about the car that is stripped of specific owner information and comes from public records. Attached is a copy of the report I got about the car that is now my daily driver (so, yes, I knew it was a salvage title that was rebuilt afterwards). CarFAX and the like are similar services that cull public records for history based upon VIN numbers.


Hello all,

Is there a section where we can post to try and find a previous owner?
If he/she was a club member, they might be in the club registry if the club has one.
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