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I’m wrapping up a multiyear restoration of my 77 Shadow II. During this time, the battery ran down multiple times, and we’ve charged it and jumped the car and done all kinds of things we probably should not have done moving the car around my shop.

Now that the car is basically finished and roadworthy, I’ve noticed that the battery was running down over the course of a night.

Obviously, this is an issue I’ve been trying to resolve as quickly as possible. The first thing I did was pull all of the fuses which made no difference. I’m actually measuring 12 V on the frame of the car which is pretty scary.

We did install a new starter so that was my first thought but removing the starter and the alternator from the circuit still does not resolve the issue.

if I apply 12 V directly to the main feed going to the shunt with all fuses disconnected I get the draw. I’m wondering if my ammeter shunt has blown.

has anyone experienced anything like this?
Hey Michael. One responder is very correct in saying you should disconnect the plus side of the battery and put a meter between the terminal end and the positive terminal. Then pull the fuses one at a time watching for a change in the meter values. This can help isolate the circuit thats shorting. Assuming you have already tried this I'll share two shorts I found in my Silver Shadow. One was in the dome lights caused by wires shorting in the headliner. I finally ran new wires between the lights so as not to damage the roof liner. The second was a dead short between wires hidden in the D pillar. These ran to the trunk light switch and the vanity lights in mirror on the drivers side. In both cases the wires were melted and touching body parts. They had to be cut out and spliced. Good luck. One further note I sold my Shadow and regretted it ever since. Rollsroycerescue.

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