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I'm restoring de SY1 form 1970. I have a question about the engine deck surface.
As you can see on this pictures the water damaged the surface.
White Automotive tire Light Rim Line

What are your tips about this ?
Remove all the liners and cylinder head studs to resurface ?
The manual says that it's bad to remove all the liners at once and it can be dangerous to remove the studs as they could break during the process.
Leave it like this ?
What about the liner nip ?

Thanks for your help

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Don't worry about it. As long as the fire ring around the liner and the copper ring around the coolant hole itself seal well it is not a problem. On the left side of the coolant passage hole, it looks like there may be a small area of corrosion under where the copper ring seals. I would just make sure the copper ring will seal that area, perhaps using a tiny bit of epoxy to fill any corrosion pits there so the coolant will not leak under it.

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There is no point to decking the block. You'll need to take off .050" or more to clean up the corrosion. The nip of the liners seals the combustion chambers.
JB Weld Waterweld will be suitable for filling the corroded areas. Grind the corrosion out with a die grinder and a carbide burr to expose fresh aluminum first. Then carefully deck the epoxy by hand using a flat piece of metal as a sanding block.
There can be a benefit to pulling the liners to replace the seals. The seals are more than 50 years old now and almost certainly you have signs of leaking through the tell-tale holes.
Pulling liners is risky. I usually have liner pullers in stock but they are out of stock now. Liners get stuck in place through collection of lime and scale. The block can break before the scale shears. I have pulled several engines worth of liners successfully but I have seen many horror stories of broken blocks. Cloud engines are more prone to breaking than Shadow blocks. You'll have to judge the amount of scale in your block and your tolerance for risk.
For a Shadow as old as yours, I would recommend having a machine shop just bore out the liners. Then just buy new liners.
Resist the urge to remove the studs. You will probably break several of them and then you will have a new full-time hobby.
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