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Dual fuel pump problem

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Hi, I have a 1990 turbo r that starts well but minutes after starting the outboard fuel pump gets loud and the car shuts down. Are the pumps wired to run at the same time? This car sat for 3 years. Thank you for any help
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Are you sure you have 2 pumps ?
In any case, depending on your VIN you may have only one.
Replace fuel filter urgently and check fuel pump behaviour.
From there you will know if it/they has / have been damaged by 3 years sat and 30 years "mud"
Thank you jean7. My vin is scbzro3d6 lcx32828
I have changed filter. And I’ve been under car and there is two pumps separately fed with power wires. I am thinking at this point that I need to remove and bench test both pumps. I agree that this is from sitting. Possibly a flush with sea foam or carb cleaner on bench. Has anyone used Bosch 044 fuel pumps which have check valves ? Do the pumps run at same time or triggered by ecu ? There is only one 25 amp fuse. Thanks again for the help.
If you have a fuel accumulator, you do not need a check valve.
Hi guy
Check your VIN ?

Looking at this diagram

The outer pump does the sucking , I would suspect the filter in the tank is blocked after a few minutes pumping.

Hi Mike. Sounds plausible to me. The hose from tank to that outside pump was changed as it was deteriorating and leaking. Do you know if there’s a sock or screen in the tank and does it get remove with the fuel gauge sending unit ? Thank you
Hi I do have accumulator the set up appears original.
I did find these images. The one image shows a round part in the tank that looks like it may be prefilter/strainer. How would this be removed to clean? Thank you again I appreciate the help and enjoy learning about the Bentley. .


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There is a screen filter in the tank, it is accessible by dropping the plate with the fuel feed pipe. There is a large circlip holding that plate in. Make sure the tank is completely empty but be prepared for some fuel to come out when you remove the plate. Have a new O ring for that plate on hand.
Great I will reach out to flying spares for o ring.
my Regards, Guy
As you're in the US get it from Albers.
Yes that's the screen filter which I suspect is mostly blocked. As Jim says make sure that the tank is empty, it can be very dangerous under a car with fuel spillages!!
Good luck
Great advice from all I will be home in a week and am looking forward to pulling this screen filter. I will post a picture of what I find and will watch for any fuel that remains.
Thanks all
Hello fellow enthusiasts. I’ve removed th tank filter and it is clogged. The screens are weak and fell apart. I am surprised the pump didn’t pull it apart. I rewrapes the basket with a modern fuel sleeve and reinstalled. Checked the input of the first pump and it was dirty and no screen in pump. I sprayed cleaner in pump and then blew it out with compressed air.
draining tank at sediment trap , a corner of the tank that sits lower and has a small fuel line take off. Pub included.
we are having a cold freeze so I have not filled and tested. Thanks for the help
Great I will reach out to flying spares for o ring.
my Regards, Guy
Greetings guy,

how did you get on with running after sorting the in tank filter… I’m on the same path, albeit just behind you.

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