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I just dismantled right rear door in purpose of window repair. Let's say, it is easier work than expected. Around 20 minutes to dismantle and another 30 to montage.
How it looks like inside:
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The plastic is intact and its glue is still working - it has consistency of honey(?).

It obvious, that the speaker diaphragm lost its suspension and the speaker needs to be replaced or repaired.

View inside the door, already without the motor. There are also two relays (its brackets are visible at bottom edge of photo):
Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior Wood Electrical wiring
Is this clear plastic really an original solution to secure mechanism from water?

Motor itself:
Gas Auto part Nickel Machine Composite material

The broken coupler. It is made from stiff rubber:
Ice cube Automotive lighting Wood Glass Metal

But I replaced it with 3D printed one (Zortrax PC-ABS):
Wood Porcelain Serveware Rectangle Art
I'm not sure how long it will last and if it is strong enough, but I will try it.

Checking if the gearbox is working (by rotating with wrench):
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Needed tool-set:
Line Wood Stationery Font Tree

While montage it appears, that authors of the manual forgot to place on drawing one clip. This one, from which you should start the montage. Notice the red spot, around number "3":
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It is a quite easy task. Around 1/2 star from 5. Just do it according to the manual!

It will give a little worse access, but it is possible to do this task without removing inner part of upholstery panel (if you can divide it from outer). Just remember about missing (at the drawing) clip.

Anyway, in any case, you need to remove armrest (screws of its upper part are not shown at drawing :/ ). Take attention at bulb in armrest. Its socket is just squeezed into bottom part of armrest. You need to push it up (without bulb).

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The black plastic membrane can be difficult to re-adhere like it was originally. There are butyl caulk strips from 3M that are commonly used to adhere the plastic film. It does not dry out and can be used over and over.

The speaker surrounds deteriorate over time, although they will still work, there will be much less bass delivered and will have to be replaced.
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