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Diagnostic scanner for 99 Arnage

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I am trying to find a diagnostic scanner for the 99 Arnage software. I have tried the BMW version 1.4 which was used for the E38 series BMW but this has limited functionality. Can anyone recommend a scanner that can access all functions, engine, abs, ride, airbag?
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Yes, that is where it is on all US cars and by law they have all had to be OBD11 compliant since the 96 model year. I have been using these and Torque since about 2008 but for some reason my car's ECU wont connect to my device at the moment??

I am currently struggling with figuring out whether a solid check engine light coupled with a SERVICE ENGINE warning actually means anything or does it just mean that has been counting miles since the last service reset some ordinary speedo mileage counter? (AND of course, there is some minor problem with the oxygen sensor)
The Arnage started out OBD11 as required by law but it reverted to OBD1 when the 6.75 engine went in as they had problems getting the engine ECU to talk to the rest of the car. The got around the seeming legal problem because the small print classified it as Heavy Motorcar. Eventually they returned to OBD11 as engine development permitted it. The main thing is that OBD1 reports a whole lot less than OBD11.
The service engine warning counts up miles but also seems to track dates. It can be just reset via the dashboard controls.
I'm not sure if the above is accurate for US model cars. I know that the US mandated OBD2 on all cars made after 1996 so even the spirit and the other SZ cars had an OBD2 diagnostic port. The problem is that not all systems are on the CAN network so OBD2 was limited to emissions related issues.

Manufacturers tended to lag behind on cars outside the US market. Mercedes and BMW also supported OBD2 from 1996 but it was also very limited. In order to access complete diagnostic, you still had to go through the 38 pin diagnostic connector for MB or the 20 pin connect for BMW.

There is a gentlemen on this forum who posted information on how to rewire the round diagnostic socket so that he could access information through an OBD2 scan tool. You can search for his post.
Thanks. My question was just to be clear which of the two diagnostic options your pin references applied to. It is now clear that your are referring to the OBD connector.
The decision to revert to OBD1 for a while was forced on the Arnage because of the change from the Bosch ECU on the 4.4 to the Zytek5 on the 6.75. They got away with it because the international standard for OBD11 only covered cars not heavy motorcars. The Vin for any Arnage that has 32 or 33 for the first numbers following the letters indicates an OBD1 car. OBD1 and 11 are identical sockets but OBD11 covers considerably more sensors but down the same OBD lines. Later CAN cars are a different issue. All scanners must report the pin 7 data but there is more of it in an OBD11 compliant ECU. So when an OBD11 scanner result seems not to access some data on an OBD1 car it is because the data is not there, not because it cannot access it. The factory use of other pins for their own scanners is indicated in the list.
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I think that there's a mix up in information here. OBD2 is a standard that was adopted by all manufacturers for cars intended for the US market in 1996. All of these cars have an OBD2 diagnostic port that will provide information such as emission level DTC's. As it was not required for cars outside the US, many manufacturers left them out until 2001 when Europe adopted a similar standard (EOBD). Many cars that had an OBD2 socket also had a proprietary diagnostic socket that would allow them to access other non emissions related systems.

Many people call these proprietary connectors OBD1, This is not really a standard, but more of a requirement originating from California for cars to have onboard diagnostics. Different manufacturers adopted different standards and there was a rarely a generic tool that would cover them all. Some cars like Jaguar did not require a tool as there was a way to display trouble codes on the same LCD screen that they used for the clock.

The RR and Bentley SZ model cars from 1992 onwards had a round diagnostic connector to access codes and live data. In 1996, they added an OBD2 connector next to the round plug for cars bound for the USA. The information from that port was limited to emissions related codes and live data (like 02 sensor readings).

In 1999 when they introduced the Arnage and Sereph, they did away with the round diagnostic socket and used the OBD2 diagnostic socket as its only diagnostic socket. As OBD2 only uses 7 of the 16 pins for emissions related codes. They could still use the remaining pins for their other systems. To access all of the systems, you will need a proprietary Bentley scan tool and cable which is programmed to access those systems.

From my experience (and I beat this thing to death trying to figure out transmission and alarm issues on the Brooklands and the Arnage), unless you have the OMITEC scan tool, you cannot access all of the systems (climate control, alarm, suspension....). That's because they're not a CAN bus. I was able to access many of the engine systems on the Arnage using my Autel scan tool and read the live data through the generic OBD2 menu option. The autel does havea specific Bentley Arnange menu but only for models 2006 and later. I assume that the car had a major update at that time and adopted CAN which was a standard that was going to be required for all models after 2008.

In any case, the SZ cars with Zytec supported OBD2 in a limited fashion like many cars did from 1996, so if they reverted back to the very same ECU's used on the SZ cars, it would have supported OBD2 in the way that I described.

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There is something very suspicious about my car (SCBLC31E91CX05818)'s response to having anything plugged into the OBD port. Have you all been suggesting that Bentley OBD11 doesnt play nice with normal protocols? In particular I cant get any BT signal to come out of the Arnage socket. I have two adapters so the problem is unlikely to be the adapter as neither can be easily connected to by my phone's BT scan function? One of them IS seen in a BT scan and the phone wont then pair to it. The other one isnt even seen, though all appropriate lights DO go on when i plug it in! the manufacturer says both need firmware upgrades but that isnt why the adapters arent putting out a BT signal.

What is really unusual is that my mechanic had no trouble plugging his Autel into the OBD11 socket and said so. he unplugged my adapter and plugged it back in again and when He reported no trouble, and he said my adapter was working as well. Blow me down but it was!! It didnt seem to connect to the ECU but it did connect to my phone for a while.

But as soon as I drove home, it stopped sending out any BT signal which is seen by my phone! And now, of course, I cant get it to reconnect!

Has anyone seen such problems before with the Arnage OBD socket?
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Hi, there is a fuse located in fuse box by accelartor pedal. I think it's 10 amp but can't remember fuse number, I can check on my arnage tomorrow.
Emissions related codes will be readable as required by legislation. Alarm, airbag, abs etc are all carry overs that may require a special scanner
I wonder if it is possible that a fuse can be blown but the lights still go on in the adapter when i plug it in? There are three lights, a central bright green one, and slightly dimmer ones on either side of it. Neither of them look like a bright blue BT indicator and when I sent a pic of the adapter to the manufacturer, he said he can't tell anything from them!
Has anybody actually cleared an airbag code on a 2002 Arnage by using this method (clear an airbag warning would require pin 7 (iso 9141) to be connected to pin 3)? Passenger side seat sensor has been repaired (overridden).


I just sold my 99 Arnage. If still interested, I am selling a complete factory scanner and laptop, does everything.
I am interested if you still have it.
Connect2us USA has not logged into the forum in over eighteen months so is not going to see your post. You can send him a private message and he may or may not respond directly to you.
For any of those still looking for a scanner that has some more functionality on the Arnage than basic Engine ECU information and DTCs:

BIMCOM by SECONS is able to read and clear faults from the Airbag module on my 2000 Red Label (the software confirms this is on PIN 3 of the OBD connector).
The supported ECUs are listed here: BIMCOM Supported Control Units

I've not had a chance to check out any of the other modules yet, but can confirm that it's able to access at least the Siemens SRS module.
The Engine ECU it lists appears to only apply to the later R, RL and T models, but I believe the others units are all common throughout the early models.

It's not a cheap bit of kit, set me back £560 from Gendan Automotive, but might come in handy down the line to dismiss insignificant and erroneous fault codes.
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I mostly agree with Alabbasi but to clarify my post, all Arnages and Seraphs have the sixteen pin OBD11 type socket. I am using OBD11 as a shorthand since the OBD1 systems have the same socket (not the round one.) The pre 2000 4.4 Arnages etc had Bosch ECUs and were OBD11 The 6.75 engined ones 2000- 2003 have the Zytek5 ECU not the earlier SZ Zytek3 (round socket) and were OBD1.
Post 2003 the VW based diagnostic software was adopted and the Arnages were OBD11. 2006 the Canbus system became standard. Although there is a Canbus link on the earlier engine/gearbox it did not output to the normal diagnostic. The Seraph has always used the Bosch ECU. Most people are happy with the slightly innacurate shorthand, that OBD11 reports from more sensors than OBD1.
Typically a used Bosch ECU is a few hundred whereas a used Zytek5 can be a few thousand.
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I found another scanner by Omitech part number WT10240KTU which apparently works with Arnage.selling for about$2100 Euros. does anyone know anything about this unit and recommend it?
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