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I came, I'm good... "Eight year old testament"
helpless father
There is a beautiful little Michael Kors Portefeuilles girl
, her name is Yu Yan, she has a pair of bright eyes, she has a transparent heart. She is an orphan, she only live in this world for 8 years, she remained in the world at the end of the sentence is "I have I am very good," she would die in the fall, the woman's body is like a flower opening Xie natural process. In all the Yellow accumulation, leaves the air dance, she would see turned away Yaner. She volunteered to give up treatment, the Chinese around the world to donate 54 of her extremely into 7 parts, take life as hope the cake among the 7 was wandering in the line of life and death of the children
I voluntarily gave up treatment
she was born not to know who is his biological parents, she is only a father
1996 in November 30th, it was the lunar calendar in October 20th, because "found the newborns a Burberry Echarpe frozen to be at one's last gasp in Yongxing Zhen Shen Jia Chong, a small grass beside dad" when she Shiyou, found her chest in a little piece of paper, writing above "in October 20th 12 p.m."
two group of Sichuan Province home Shuangliu County Sanxing town the village of She Shiyou was 30 years old. Because the family was poor, has been unable to find the object, if you want to have this baby, I'm afraid celine sac no more people willing to marry into the door, looking at the bosom like a cat and a crying baby, she's friends several times down again hold up, turn around and go back, this small life was cold, cry faint, nobody in the tube but always is dead! Bite the bullet, he again picked up the baby, sighed: "I eat what, you told me what to eat"
she Shiyou named the child She Yan, because she is the autumn harvest season, the birth of a child, when the single dad, no milk, also can not afford to buy milk powder, had fed rice soup, so she Yan was a sickly, but Fendi casquettes,casquettes MK,casquettes Gucci,casquettes Snapback new era,casquettes Snapback pas cher very clever sensible, spring and spring back, like a flower bitter vine on, she Yan grew partykleider Günstig up day after day, surprisingly clever clever, adjacent to said to pick up the doll high IQ, like her, although she was sick, dad feel alarmed, she Yan grew up
poor children do not in general, from the age of 5, she know how to help my dad to share the housework, laundry, cooking, mowing, she is doing well, she knew she was not like other children, other children at home with mom and Dad, her only she and Dad, this home by her father and to support, she behaved very good, don't let dad a little bit more worrying, a little gas
primary school, she Yan know what to Study hard, to make progress, to test first, illiterate;
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