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Cotter pin for oil filler cap

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I'm in the process of replacing the cork sealing disc on the oil filler cap (Number 8 in the diagram). Problem is the cotter pin (12) used to secure the nut (11) is only 1/32" in diameter and I can't source any. Flying Spares list the part ( X4648Z) as no longer available.

So shall I use fuse wire to secure the nut. How about threadlocker. I really don't want this nut to work loose over time and fall into the engine, along with the spigot washer. What's the collective wisdom on this?


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Thanks for the replies.

JeffR - You've supplied 2 great links there - I'll save them for future use. FMW fasteners have them at 10c each with $10 P&P. That's a great deal for these hard to find parts.
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