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Cotter pin for oil filler cap

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I'm in the process of replacing the cork sealing disc on the oil filler cap (Number 8 in the diagram). Problem is the cotter pin (12) used to secure the nut (11) is only 1/32" in diameter and I can't source any. Flying Spares list the part ( X4648Z) as no longer available.

So shall I use fuse wire to secure the nut. How about threadlocker. I really don't want this nut to work loose over time and fall into the engine, along with the spigot washer. What's the collective wisdom on this?


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1/32 Cotter Pins 18-8 Stainless Steel – FMW Fasteners

Extended Prong Cotter Pins | Fastenal Canada

Fastenal also has a US site of course.

You'll have to buy a box, but they're not expensive.

A beading supply place will have brass wire thin enough to make your own pin, maybe even too thin.
Thread locker may dissolve away from gasoline fumes.
..anything to secure the nut (not threadlock) from falling loose makes sense. I used the original and remember it being very small.
Hint: Alot of "breathing" occurs here and I usually keep the filler cap open after a cruise to let vapors exhaust and you'll find it remains clean.
Thanks for the replies.

JeffR - You've supplied 2 great links there - I'll save them for future use. FMW fasteners have them at 10c each with $10 P&P. That's a great deal for these hard to find parts.
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