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Cooling system tested in “extreme” Texas heat.

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Hello gentlemen,

I live in Texas - and as a testament to the robust cooling system in my 1997 Bentley Turbo R A/C and engine cooling - WOW works fantastic. Today in the Dallas area it was

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So I decided to test the cooling and A/C in my car…so I know this is probably crazy (and I baby the heck out of my car). But…I left my car out in idle and full A/C on and the engine never went past midway point….fresh coolant and oil…and refrigerant recharge and new Viscous clutch…and let me tell you…the car never over heated at all. My obvious recommendation is to change all coolant and oil…and maintain your car and yiu shouldn’t have any problems. Just wanted to see how the car would react. No - the car is resting…in the garage, fan on, oil cap and hood open….magnificent car.

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Hi, a lot of cooling system development was done in house at Crewe using a hot room facility and cars were taken to death valley for further development and validation.
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