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I have decided to take anyone who wants to follow along on a journey.

I purchased Silver Spur 5935 back in September. It was on eBay for $4,000. Talked to the owner and got the run down on the car and decided I was crazy enough to do it. It wouldn’t pass CA smog according to him and hardly anything worked. The top had been removed to fix surface rust underneath. The paint was shot and the interior needed replaced.

I sent him the money and hired a transporter. Once the car arrived, I dove in and started troubleshooting the smog issue. The cas running very rich. I found the the plugs hadn’t been changed in who knows when and the mixture adjustment was severely off. Being in Kansas, we don’t have smog requirements but I still wanted it to be correct for obvious reasons.

So far I have changed the plugs, wires, coolant, oil, oil pressure switch and starter relay. It wouldn’t shut off with the key. Tracked that down to the relay. After tracing wires and grounds, everything works in the car now as it should.

I recently ordered new gas springs for the rear, sent the wood out to be re-veneered, re-finished the door cap and cards. The seats are supposed to be done by the end of the month. The car was originally black on black. I’m having the seats recovered in burgundy hides. The shop is tailoring them to more of my liking. A friend and I have recovered the headliner bits and such. I know not everyone will agree with it but not much in the interior will appear as original. But it’s mine and I’m doing it for me.

Pictures will tell a tale.


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