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Dear All.

I hope you can assist.

I have recently bought a beautiful 1974 Silver Shadow 1. It had not run for almost two years, although it was stored in a good dry garage. I had it made fit for the road (In the UK we have an MOT test), it passed without a problem.

Last week I drove it home (about 50 miles). On the way it started to choke a little and stalled easily at traffic lights. It seemed to struggle and would not gain power. I gave it to a great mechanic who said it was not running on all cylinders, he put in new points and set the timing, he got all cylinders running.

I then took it for another run of about 150 miles. After about 130 miles, it started to choke again and lost power, I managed to get home.

This morning my mechanic looked over it again and spent 3 hours cleaning the carburettors and set it up perfectly (apparently the needles were stuck as the fuel had turned to jelly). He said it sounded great and his electronic machinery found no faults ( he said "take it home and see how it goes").

I drove home (50 miles), on the way through town it cut out at traffic lights and, then started to choke and struggle as I drove along country lanes. It had more power than before (last week), but still struggled to drive. Once home I looked inside the bonnet-hood, I noticed that some pipes appeared frozen (white ice on the outside). I turned the air conditioning on and the ice defrosted in seconds.

Can anyone help and give me advice, on what it may be or how I can fix it? My mechanic will not be available until next friday evening.

The car is beautiful but I just want it to drive beautifully also!

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The frozen pipes are bound to be the air con pipes, there is no other reason for any fuel pipes to be frozen.

If there is bad fuel in the system it may not have been cleared out properly.

You will find 2 hoses going into the carbs' on the o/s off the engine. one is a feed and the other is a return (I think the front one is the feed). I would check to see if it is flowing properly.

Worth changing the in line fuel filter, I assume your mechanic replaced the small paper filters in the carbs'.

If you remove the plugs to see which cylinders are missing. it might determine which carb is at fault. Each carb does 2 cylinders on each bank, I can't remember which but I could easily find out.

If you think you have ruled out a fuel problem, then have a look at the distributor cap, HT leads, plugs, coil.

Let me know how you get on.

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