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Just of recent, I've been hearing a certain amount discussion regarding the new formulations of gasoline and its effect on plastic carburetor floats. What I'm hearing is that this "new gas" (new fangled gas?) permeates plastic carburetor floats more easily and causes them to sink. Of course, this is problematic for anyone who, for example, owns a Shadow with dual SU HIF7 carbs...

...I own such a car. Recently, one of the carb floats sank, so I had to replace it with a new one. The sunken float, which I replaced, was completely filled with gasoline, but had no visible leak. No matter which way I turned the float while holding it, no gas would drip out. The explanation for this was that the gasoline simply permeated the plastic. Someone blamed this pnenomenon on the new gasoline stating that new gas permaeates everything. I'm not so sure about this. Has anyone else had a carb float sink after becoming completely filled with gasoline, but lacking any trace of a leak or breach?

Please discuss!

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