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Bringing it back to life

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So after accidentally buying a 1974 RR SS Landaulette last week, I got it delivered to my workshop in Arizona and was able to take a decent look at it. I put a battery on it and switched the ignition on, to find that both Hydraulic lights were on. I removed the reservoir lid and baffles, to see that the fluid was low but clear with no sediment. I refilled to the lowest marking with the engine not running and then went on to try and start the engine. It actually started right up but ran like it was on full choke for about 5 mins, even though the air temp was about 80 degrees F. both brake light went out and the brakes seem to operate as advertised, but when I went out to re-service the hydraulic fluid I noticed that the choke stove pip is broken where it's supposed to join the manifold and the small union is missing. I assume that's why the Choke is full on. The air pump belt is also missing, but I don't think that would effect the mixture. Am I on the right track? It's been years since I worked on one of these things!!
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Thank you. Very interesting. Who is the coachbuild attributed to?
I am told it was Tickford, but I have worked on a lot of Creyford converted cars and it seems very muck like one of their projects. I'm told it was done for the Dutch royal family, and it does have their crest inlaid into the glove box lid, but I cant verify it.
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