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A 0-3000 psi gauge will help you immensely in sorting out pressure issues.From there you can interpret the behavior to figure what and where.. Pressure and cut-off pressure points can visually be seen. However, if nothing in the system has been serviced in a very long time, your attention should also focus on the brake hoses at each wheel since they degrade on the inside and responsible for the dark grey tint of old fluid. Hose replacement is not limited to the wheels. There are 2 lo-pressure feed hoses from reservoir to pump, 2 hi-pressure braided hoses from accumulator to body, and several in the rear, 21 in total. Hydraulic system overhaul, in it's entirety is one of the biggest and expensive overhauls with these cars. The overhaul is not limited to hoses. The brake caliper pistons rust and must be checked accordingly.
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