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I recently purchased a 1957 Silver Cloud 1 SED73 with 41,000 miles.
The car was garaged for 20 years and is in great shape. Runs solid and drives like a dream. The steering yoke at the stub axel went dry on the left side. I found the oil line clogged and after cleaning it I have normal operation.

But the bearings on the sub alex have me puzzled. There is no tubes running down the steering yoke. There appears to be a hexagon fitting underneath the unit which I assume was a grease fitting. Does this unit receive grease ? if so how does the upper bearing receive lubrication.

Things I read all show the tubes lubing these bearings. Is the hexagon piece a drip plug or a grease fitting. I can provide photos to anyone willing to assist me. This thing is to nice to look at, polish and wish to have on the road. HELP,,,,, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
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