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Hi folks.

Sorry about arriving and immediately asking for a little guidance but before I can offer any, I need to learn a bit myself!

I have recently bought a nice old 1985 Turbo R and generally speaking the car seems in very good condition, just over 100,000 miles and seems fairly well cared for.

One thing that IS a problem however is that the car sometimes hesitates a little and has a LARGE flatspot - that is especially wide until COMPLETELY warmed up.

Reading the recent service history, there was a comment to the effect that the carburretor body had bowed (warped I guess) and needed reaplcement in order for the engine to run properly.

Having googled a lot, it seems this carb is no longer made and there are VERY few second hand units in an "in-bowed" state, as such, these are my questions:-

1. Can they be "lapped" like you would a cylinder head - and if so, is there anything that canbe done to lessen their tendency to warp again anytime soon.

2. If lapping is not practical, can they be removed and re-seated no a nice bed of high-temp pertrol resistant silicone rubber to "fill in the gaps". I don't like to bodge but if lapping is not an option, would this work?

3. I have heard there is a Weber conversion possible - has anyone actually done this - and if so, was it a good move.

I would welcome any general comments from people on here who have had to deal with the carburettor problem - or know a man who has.

Many thanks.

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