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Not sure where to post this, but I thought I would share this that I did a month or so ago.

Ok, so this car belongs to the owner of the 1974 Mercedes 500SL that I did about a month ago. After completing the Merc, she asked me to take a look at the leather on her Bentley as it was drying out, and also had some fine scratches on the wooden dash from where her last valeter had dropped a MF and used it again, thus creating swirls.... :wall:

So, we agreed an early start at 7am on Thursday. 2 of us to do it, and a deadline of 4pm! The aim was to wash, glasze, wax the paint work. Sort all the interor etc....

Anyway, the owner is a very "private" person, and not overly keen on pictures, so only a few close ups taken. Once the car was finished, she was rushed to an emergency (she had lost her cat), so t was a little inappropriate to ask her to take the Bentley back outside for after pictures....

Anyway, here's a few pictures that I did get.

So, the car was foamed and washed in the usual manner. Once the wash stage was completed and dried, S3-DAVE cracked on with cleaning out the leather. Heating them up with a heat gun, and using a combination of Zymol and Raceglaze Leather Cleaner....

Whilst he did that, I went around the car with some Dodo Juice Lime Prime to cleanse the paint, and remove some water spots, and other contaminents... This was done using a SIM180 and an Orange Waffle pad, and buffed off a panel at a time

After that, the car was glazed with Britemax #4 Black Max. Truely awesome stuff.... This was applied via the G220 and a Red Waffle pad. This was applied to the entire car, and then buffed off by hand leaving a silky smooth, glossy finish.

Once that was done, the heavens opened, so the car was rolled inside

So, let's look at the wood....

Tried several combos of polish etc....

Started off with Menz RD85 and a Microfibre. Now in the aim to "teach" others, I'll put my hands up and admit that this proper cocked things up! Hell, this added a hell of a lot of swirls on my test section! However, a good detailer can correct his mistakes.... So, out with some cuts of foam pad. Again, Menz RD8, now on a Red Pad, and VERY light pressure. This removed my marks, but not the deep swirls already there....

After several polish combinations including Menz RD85, Lime Prime, Menz RD85 & LP, AutoSol, I got on the phone to Robbie (Valet Magic), Lee (Showshine) and John (Polished Bliss). Now between these 3, neither had had to do anything like this on wood! All they've done in the past is "wipe it over". Ok, so it sounds like a "first"... Correction on wooden dash! After some advice from these guys, the solution was...... Menz 2.03s on a Medium Cut Spot pad to try to remove most of the swirls, followed by Dodo Juice Lime Prime on a Finishing Spot pad to "fill" any remaining marks....

The result

Sorry for quality of the pictures.....

Ok, so after that, the leather had already been conditioned by Dave, and now was a case of hoovering the carpets and cleaning the windows. Dave was cracking on with tyres and wheels.... Oh, Dodo Juice Supernatural had been curing during this time.....

So, some finishing pictures

The Merc covered up

Thanks for looking

C&C as always


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