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Auxiliary / aircon fans

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Since replenishing the refrigerant for the aircon these fans have started to come on, and stay on for approx. 12 minutes after the engine is turned off. This happens even if the engine has only run for 2 minutes or 2 hours, even if I've disconnected the 2 wires from the temperature sensor prior to running the engine.
The coolant level is fine and the engine isn't running hot.
I can't seem to find much about the operation of these anywhere but I might have read somewhere that they might operate via the aircon pressure switch. The garage only put in 500g of refrigerant so I'm wondering if this is why they are coming on. Any comments/advice/wisdom much appreciated as I'm about to set off on a tour around Europe in a weeks time.
1991 Silver Spirit II
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What pressure did they set it to? What gas did they use?
Put gauges on to see what pressures you're running. Although with the engine off the high side pressure should not be high. Gauges will tell
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