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As in my intro, I am looking at Arnages. i know, it's a newer Bentley, soon to be older Bentley, but we are allowed to make our discoveries when we make them.

I noticed a few people are pretty darn tootin savvy on these vehicles, and they might be able to flag me on what to look for.

thus far, I have looked at the Red label with a Jaundiced eye, understanding the sort of panic mode Bentley seems to have been in once VW had the marque and the 6.75 was stuffed back in with the Zytech.

Green labels seem a bit on the older side to me, but...with the right one, I can bite.

Green Label: Are they reliable BMW engines, with lots of Bosch bits available? Bosch has been very good to me.

R 2002- more the area I am looking. Is the Motronic holding up?

Does the GM slushbox totally collapse under the weight, or is it actually doing a good job dealing with the blinding torque?

Are these cars that can be serviced by super very good European techs, or are the sparks where you need an enigne lift just to take a peek?

Is the suspension a nightmare from fanciness?

I live about 1.5 hours from a Bentley Dealership, and I hate to rely on any dealership for anything but the most unusual of servicing needs.

I also tend to like to know a bit more about whats going on with my cars, and I will poke and prod. Is poking and prodding possible? I have a LOT of tools, and they get lonely these days.

Thanks in advance, because I am serious about wanting to know what I am getting into. Maybe I will look at a different Bentley, but these seems to warm the strings of my heart.

( I didn't use bad word, honest *****!!!????)

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Been pretty mum on actual information about that subject on the Arnages of that era. Guess not too many people have them.

I hope someone replies to you, I'm looking for the same information, especially wondering how the GM transmission box holds up, which is said to be used in GM heavy duty trucks up to the 8.1 engines.

From what I know about the BMW v8 4.4 of that era, they are solid engines but in the BMWs they sometimes leak oil in the v-valley from the weak seals. From what little I gathered, these seals are heavy duty for the twin turbo set up. Ironically, at least for a a short period of time, there was a twin turbo kit for the 740il that came with heavy duty gaskets that retailed in 1998-2001 time period of $10,000. Not sure if they are still available. In the Arnage and the oil leak problem have been solved from what I hear.

The 750il (same V-12 in the 202 RR) is solid and reliable with the bosch stuff. So maybe the RR with that engine have the same niggles, which are usually far and in between. Although, changing the spark plugs on the 750il is a PITA for the driver side, especially the last three nearer the firewall as a few components have to be removed. Seems that the RR have a larger engine bay and less stuff in the way so it should be easier to get to for regular service. Overall, the same regualr maintance parts such as spark plugs, oil, oil filter, engine management and stuff is identical. The transmission in the RR and 750il is a heavy duty ZF and not too many reported problems with premature failure. That box was made to handle the power of the 750il. The RR is a little more relaxed so I would image there are even fewer percentage of problems with the transmission box in that RR. The RR of that period is very very rare overall so less chatter about them is kind of expected, about maybe 1500 made?

The 6.75 and the Zytech, I dont know. Seems like total silence when getting the down and gritty of the 6.75 cars.

I know that there are some people here that own those cars or had experience with them. But from the repsonse overall silence, maybe Arnage owners do not frequent this board as much as the other models. Plenty of stuff on the Brooklands and prior and good amount of info on the "new generation of Bentleys like the Cont.GT but there is a gap for the Arnage.

I'm pretty sure that Bentley and Rolls was made during that time period and someone knows something about them, just maybe not on this forum.
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