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1971 Bentley T
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I've got a 1971 Bentley 'T' (my favourite toy) and a 1982 Spirit which I converted to a Mulsanne by switching the rad grille, four wheel disks (from EBay) and the badge on the boot (trunk) lock. It gets different treatment from other road-users in this form - much more 'friendly'. When I have mastered the intricacies of posting photos I will do so.

The 'T' was bought at auction and has been resurrected from the neglect of being looked after half-heartedly by a local garage. I do the work myself; that way I know it's done right. The Spirit/Mulsanne was a 'rescue' car, it spent a few years rusting quietly under a tarpaulin. Again, most of the work I did myself - but I don't do paint, though hydraulics is rather fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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