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Been archiving a lot of my grandparent's photos. My Grandfather and his brother both bought new a Silver Cloud III each in 1964 - they had run a very successful business together for a number of years. In 1965 my grandparents went on holiday to the USA to celebrate their 25 wedding anniversary with my mother and her younger brother - they took the Cloud with them. They travelled from the UK on the Queen Elizabeth liner from Southampton to New York and the car was taken on board as part of their luggage. Sounds absolutely crazy today, it was probably a bit crazy even then. I doubt you would even be allowed to land a UK registered, new car, in the US these days.

They spent some time in Manhattan and then drove to Florida and back, and then back to the UK.

There a quite a few photos, but here is a great one - I believe this is somewhere in Florida.

The car was a dark red colour, chassis number SCX835 - I have no idea if the car is still in existence, be fantastic if it was.
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