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97 Spur Locking Remotes Not Working

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Hi All,

I am hoping for advice on my anti-theft / locking issue. My US model 97 Spur has an inoperative central lock system using the remotes. Apart from the remotes, the overall system seems to have inconsistency which makes it challenging to troubleshoot. The remotes all have good / new batteries. I can operate the central lock system from the interior door lock toggle switch, and also using the driver's side key also locked all the doors one time, but that now does not lock all the doors. I recently locked all the doors unintentionally because they seemingly passively locked themselves after leaving the car alone. Unfortunately the alarm sounded by itself, and I had to run outside and insert the key and which successfully deactivated the alarm.

I strongly have this inner feeling that it's the internal-to-the-alarm central module battery that needs to be replaced that causes all sorts of wacky behavior.

Are these common issues? What are the typical reasons for these symptoms and general wackiness?

Thank you all for any and all insight into this which is all most appreciated!!
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The 97 would have the battery in the siren, I'd remove the siren and inspect it to make sure that the battery has not damaged the siren itself and then replace the battery. You may need to re-code the fobs which will require the OMITEC tool or you can send your alarm module to introcar and they will repair it and send it back with two programmed fobs.

If you want more info, search "weekend wrenching and brooklands' I went through this dog and pony show with both my Brooklands and Arnage

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With my 96, I had the same wacky behavior. I thought I was crazy, but also experienced the phantom locking. Getting to the unit under the dash isn't that bad of a job. I believe it is even more straight forward on the sedans. Rather than swap the battery, I opted for a replacement unit that no longer uses the battery and comes with new fobs (from Flying Spares)
I think the 96 unit is different to the 97+ unit which went on to be used in the Arnage. IIRC, the 96 can be bypassed pretty easily.
Thankfully the battery being in the siren means it's in the front right wheel well, rather than under the dash.
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