'69 Silver Shadow found on Craigslist for $7,499: 1969 ROLLS ROYCE silver shadow 40,042 serviced 2nd owner garaged 53...

I went to check it out, and, while it wasn't the car for me, it seems to be a good candidate for a light restoration. The odometer read ~40K, which seemed accurate. I was told that the car was purchased forty years ago by the previous owner, who recently died and left the car to the person who is selling it. Additionally, I was told that the car was garaged over its life, though it has been sitting outside for the past two months since it was acquired by the current owner. Again, it's not mine, but I told the seller that I would post his ad here with my takeaway from my inspection. I think this car deserves a good home. Here's what I took from my brief inspection of the car:

Engine started right up multiple times, no strange sounds
Engine sounded healthy when revved
No moisture I could see around the radiator
Oil was not sludgy or watery and was halfway between min and max on the dipstick
Oil weeping around cam cover near exhaust manifold
Did not drive it, as the throttle linkage would stick on when the pedal was depressed but could be pushed back into idle position by hand in the engine bay
Also did not drive it, because one rear brake caliper was said to be frozen
Minor corrosion on the brake fluid reservoir, but not structural
A/C unit was a Frigidaire unit, I looked for markings to indicate if it took R12 or R134. But, considering the dated looking data plate on the unit, it likely is an R12 unit

The only corrosion I found was at the top of the doors where the weather stripping and paint had deteriorated a little and around the inner boot lip where the weather stripping had deteriorated
Underside seemed largely corrosion free, with a little surface corrosion where the undercoating had chipped
No dents or dings
I didn't look too hard for it, but I saw no signs of previous repair
All doors, bonnet, and boot had minimal panel gap

Paint was in overall good nick, with little fading and no scratches
However, paint was bubbling around the bottom of the windows with a few spots of chipped paint and corrosion showing
The rubber all around the car has deteriorated and will need replacement
Chrome was in good shape with the only notable pitting on the boot handle

Probably the most tired area of the car
Drivers seat was visibly worn, though not excessively
Passenger and rear seat leather was in good shape with little wear
Rear seat foam will need replacement, as it was a bit stiff and crunchy
I didn't sit in the passenger seat
Center storage area leather was in ok condition, but the area itself will need repair
Dash wood was in good condition
Each door had one crack in the lacquer of the upper wood trim, but, otherwise, door wood was in good shape
Carpeting was very tired
A few stains on the liner between the bottom of rear seat leather and the floor
The interior smelt a bit musty
Interior chrome trim will need a clean, with some pitting on a few pieces
Door leather was generally in ok condition
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