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I have a question about the side airbag in the front drivers seat from a (RHD) 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith. The chair isn't in the car anymore and is disconnected from any power source but the air bag has not been discharged. I have disconnected airbags before however the problem I have is the connector into the charge isn't one that I've seen before, a black and yellow connector that goes into a purple connector that is on the bottom of the charge. To me this looks like some sort of two stage disconnect and I have fears that one of these disconnects might set off the charge. Can anyone confirm whether or not BMW seat airbags do have some sort of two stage disconnect system that can be activated irrespective of whether there is a power source? If not is there any chance you could guide me to someone or somewhere that I can get some more information from?

The part code is: 6 920 050



Disclaimer: I am aware of the dangers that come with working with airbags and that they contain a form of explosive. Do not solely rely on this forum to decide how best to work on airbags, I am doing my own research at the same time as well as asking in other places. No one that gives me advice will be help accountable for any injuries sustained as a result of their advice being followed.
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