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2015 Bentley Continental GT V8 - oil strainer issue?

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Good afternoon all,

after owning a Bentley Arnage I'm seriously considering a Continental GT V8 S post 2015 facelift. Beautiful car with a mighty engine. I understand very reliable subject clearly to proper maintenance and service.
Speaking to a Bentley mechanic he confirmed that the engine is roughly the same as the one in an AUDI RS6 and others and mentioned that the only real known problem that may occur around 60-80K miles is the turbocharger oil strainer may become clogged with potential engine failure.
AUDI is carrying our a massive recall to fix the problem. See link

Does anyone know is Bentley is doing the same or if the problem had been already rectified previously? I called Bentley UK but they need to call me back......


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OMG. Was this preventive or turbo blow up? thanks for this! How many hours of work? Is Bentley doing a recall like AUDI? If not why?
is it worth replacing the part to avoid catastrophic damages? I know its a big job but probably worth avoiding the worst?
1650 time units=dollar units?
Turbos were completely gone. There was immense amounts of shaft play. Symptoms were vehicle wouldnt idle, you had to rev the engine to keep it running. Bentley did not cover the failure & vehicle only had 27k miles on it.

Yes it is worth it to do the updated oil screen, it will save quite a bit of money not having to purchase two new turbochargers.

I billed 40 hours to complete this job start to finish.
ok so Bentley would pay for the repair? So why don't they do a recall if they know the problem.
Also wow low mileage! I heard could happen after 60K miles
is this a recurrent issue? Would be really great to have further feedbacks. thanks!
We have done a hand full of them once you put in the updated strainer for the turbo problem is resolved.
may I ask how many hours work to install the updated strainer? A mechanic in the UK told me 16 hours!
16 is very difficult, I would say no less than 25. On your first go around it will take 30+
thanks, one last thing can you send a link where I can find the updated strainer?

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