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2010 Brooklands Coupe Gear Shift Dust Cover

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The sliding gear shift dust cover has come apart. I wondered why the gear indicator didn't work, or shifting in manual. The dust cover has two magnets that activate sensors for the gear indicator and manual shift. Does anyone know the part number? I believe the Azure of the same period has the same dust cover.
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That should concerned the dealer who sold it too....and should be warranty.

I don't find your car on Bentley heritage, what is the VIN ?
I Suppose you are talking about part n° 2 on the picture ( upper right) , going around gear shift.
Apparently not detailed....

Could you put a picture of your part / issue ?

I've indicated the dust cover with a red arrow. This was taken before the front and rear parts parted company with the gear shift column. Seems it's not indicated in the parts list as a separate item. Odd. They are available on eBay for other models. Can't believe I'll need to buy a complete gear selector assembly just to get the dust cover.


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I see now your dust cover.
I looked in different places on Bentley part and did not find it separately.
I am afraid that is a one complete part a,nd I agree, unpleasant.
That is the disavantadge of modern car, thye do not detail and prefer to sell a complete part.

I looked for Azurr and Arnage around 2009, it looks like the same shifter, you are right, but the same piece not detailed.
So exactly the same I sent you, complete unit, same reference, with LHD or RHD possibility.

You could always ask those people if they have the part in good condition and if they will ship to HK.
If you are lucky they have one in better condition than yours and will detail it...or sale the complete part for a reasonnable price...

Very efficient dismantlers
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I have no idea if it is similar or the same - but that "curtain" looks awfully similar to the one found on the D2 Audi A8. I've had 2 of these cars and it looks awfully familiar.

Although Brooklands is based on Arnage, it is a VW era car and bits VAG parts are surely used. Worth checking.
Dear Paclx
Did you ever fix the problem?
I have a 2007 Arnage T with the same problem, a local shop here in San Diego California quoted the gear selector in $4.800 USD which I find insulting.
Please share some advice.
If just the dust cover, mine (09 Arnage) was replaced by the last dealer and they just used the one from Continental GT and Flying Spur. I see generic ones on ebay for less than $20. The wood console comes out easily, as does the shifter assembly top for replacement, 20 minutes if that. If they quoted you $4800 for that, you should be insulted.
My dust cover is broken but more importantly my problem is that my gear indicator is all lit up because a sensor under the dust cover fixed to the dust cover is bad or broken so I suppose I need a dust cover that has the sensor on it.

I am not sure however an independent shop quoted the complete gear selector unit at a cost of $4800
I am sure there is a more efficient solution

Thank you for any further comments
From what I gather, the shifter assembly is an Audi item. While there are LEDs that are lit up on the circuit board under the indicator, the light is actually blocked by the indicator cover as the actual letters are made with black plastic (at least in the 2009). It seems strange, but I disassembled everything to see why my gear indicators didn't light up. I do not know why they designed it this way, but I believe the later Arnage relied on the upper console ambient led to provide additional lighting to the console area. Not sure if that helps! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures when I took all that apart.
My car is an 07 Arnage T and the gear display is in a small screen in the dash, the gears P N D S are always lighted up and as I get familiar with the problem, I think this will be solved by replacing the dust cover which has a magnet on the back that is not making contact at this time.
Thank you.
Oh OK, I understand. Definitely start with the dust cover, that will also allow you to investigate if anything looks off. I had assumed on my original read of your concern that the dust cover was damaged cosmetically. In the event you do need a shifter assembly, I would carefully look into the possibility of a unit from an A8 or a Continental GT. You can find a used one fairly reasonable and would be worth exploring before spending that kind of money. Keep us posted!
Thank you Doug for the advice
I will send my comments once I change the dust cover
I have my dust cover purchased on Amazon’s for $32.00 loos and feels great, i intend to install it tomorrow however I have not been able to find a YouTube video showing disassemble of an Arnage, all videos available are for the continental.

Does anybody have tips for me as to how to disassemble the consol?. I inspected it today and I was not able to find any screws or clips therefore I am afraid of pulling at it without knowing more information first.
Thank you so much.
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