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2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label looking for IETIS

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Hello. Having several electrical and mechanical problems with a 2000 Bentley Arnage Red Label 6.75.
I cannot find a Bentley & Rolls-Royce ASSIST containing this particular model. Can you please tell me where can I buy this CD?
In exchange, I promise to share photos and a description of the repair of this car.
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Haven't received the oxygen sensor yet. A new problem has appeared.
The third cylinder does not work.
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Removed the cover of the spark wire, the cylinder started working.
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The spark plugs need to be replaced.
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Today I received a USB STICK from Flying Spares.
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I continue to repair the car.
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Could you please advise where is located fresh air sensor? I would like to check filter also.
Thank you
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