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Hi all I would be very grateful for some expertise to a problem I have with my Bentley 1994 Brooklands..
I have an electrics gremlin that emerges when it feels like it..
The symptoms are: -
Turn the key to start the engine it will fire and run in that position, release the car to Run it stops.
I have also noticed when this happens the radio, clock and hazard warning lights do not work at all, turn the key to run the engine light is on the dash.
When your turning the key to 'Start' and cranking the engine the hazards come to life also.
After a period of time, it sorts itself out and everything works as it should the engine starts normally, and all the mention things work.
Then out of the blue it will do it again with the check engine light on.
I have checked all the relays, fuses and connections to no avail.

I think I need to find out what is in common to the Hazard Lights, Clock and Radio and Running to lead me to find the problem.

And help would be apricated thanks.

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I would suspect a faulty contact in the ignition switchbox, connect a test light to the ignition fuse in the fuse box and check to see if it fails to illuminate when the engine stalls out. It could also be the ignition fuse, they will get hot enough with the standard 20 amp fuse to melt the plastic holding the fuse clips which will loosen the grip on the fuse causing intermittent contact. Fix is to cut the wires for that fuse and install an inline 30 amp fuse, this was a factory update. If the fuse clips are still tight replace the 20 amp ignition fuse with a 30 amp to prevent that fault from occurring in the future.
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