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I am helping the Albright estate sell their family heirloom...a 1976 Paint To Sample Blue over Cashmere Rolls Royce. I am not a Rolls Royce expert, but I do know cars as I collect early 911 Porsche's.

This 1976 was originally bought directly from their family friend who ordered this car directly from Rolls Royce in a Paint To Sample Blue. The blue was named and recorded by the Rolls Royce factory as Harkness Blue.

Why Harkness Blue?

Rebekah West Harkness (April 17, 1915 – June 17, 1982) also known as Betty Harkness, was an American composer, sculptor, dance patron, and philanthropist who founded the Harkness Ballet. Her marriage to William Hale "Bill" Harkness, an attorney and heir to the Standard Oil fortune of William L. Harkness, made her one of the wealthiest women in America.

The family was a wealthy New York family that ran in the same social circles and the car had caught the eye of the estates mother ;"Lovlia" who was granted the car several years later and has owned it ever since. This is a 2 owner car in all original order.

The car currently has 67K original miles and is a wonderful original example. The car has not been driven more than 100 miles in the past decade, most of those miles came when the car left a NYC garage and headed to Westchester. The family has decided to sell the car and it received a mechanical once over by a renown RR mechanic in NY who went through its mechanical system. Upon completion the family put the next 40-50 miles on the car as they took the grandchildren for one final ride as part of a memorial celebration of their wonderful grandmother.The car then returned to inside storage.

67K miles
Automatic transmission
No rust (some surface rust is visible on the underside, but the car was never driven n the winters)
Paint is OK - the storage location had a window and the front passenger fender has some paint crazing
Leather is tear and rip free
All the interior wood and mirrors are wonderful
Cashmere colored top is devoid of rips or tears
The chrome is very nice sans one are on the passenger front window frame
The Lady on the grill is intact and beautiful
There is one missing hubcap and we are still looking for the tool kit.
The original jack is in its case in the trunk.

I am more than happy to take more pictures or performs simple tasks to facilitate interested parties requests.
I will take the car to a local mechanic for an inspection (buyer to pay)
I will assist and supervise transport should that be required

Asking $8,000 or best offer.

Located in Westchester New York

Feel free to text or call for more details
646 389 4409


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