Hi all,

The 'sort out' of the car begins!

I recently purchased a 1973 Silver Shadow and am in need of a few parts for it.

Tool-Box (flat lid type, either the complete box or an empty on I can search and fill!).
Brake Hydraulic reservoir (I need the floats inside, but would consider a complete reservoir?)
1 outer headlamp

Does anyone have any of these that are surplus to requirements?

Thats just for starters...

The car was the property of Jaguar Land Rover and spend some years sat in their museum in Gaydon. This was great as the woodwork/interior etc was not ravaged by the sun, plus the car is unbelievably rust free! The downside was of course the tyres. Being sat in the same position for 12 years meant that they had flat spotted. 4 new Avons then, problem cured.

The fuel flap release wasn't working, and a quick look at the wiring diagram lead me to the clock, which has a 12v feed spurred off it to supply the flap release button. Someone sometime had fitted a replacement clock with a single male lucar terminal on it and the feed/spur to the flap button was just left dangling! I changed the connector, connected the wire and it all worked..

This lead me to thinking that all the previous work that had been done over the last few years was probably done by a novice or someone who just didn't know these cars at all.

The idle was lumpy and the exhaust fumes rich with hydrocarbons so I removed one of the carb tops to reveal the top of the jet swimming in fuel, float levels wrong! Set them up to the 7 1/6" required, she now ticks over like a Rolls-Royce should..

Wipers wouldn't switch off and a new motor had been fitted to rectify the problem (wasn't that then..), a quick look inside the motor revealed that the parking switch plastic ramp had been fitted the wrong way round, so the switch was never going to be activated! A nice easy (cheap!) fix..

The battle continues!!!