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  1. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    Hi Guys, I have a 1986 Spirit on carburettors. I have just bought it and it has had its carburettors rebuilt by a well-respected carburettor guy. The car runs well, but the idle is very fast, about 1200 rpm. When 'off' the throttle the car will accelerate enough to change into 2nd gear... I...
  2. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    Hi everyone.. Newby here!👋 Looks to be a fantastic forum! GCH14184 (1985 S-SPIRIT) small dilemma, the retractable mascot is jammed in the up position, when leaning back n forth & side to side this only gains a slight loosening of the flat plate around the base and it just won’t retract.. has...
  3. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    Hello, I just got an Rolls Royce Silver Spirit modified by Hooper. I don’t have any backgrounds to this car and would be happy if someone here could tell me more about this car. On the door steps is written: „Motor Bodybuilders and Coachbuilders to: His Majesty the King. Herr Majesty Queen...
1-3 of 3 Results