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silver shadow
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  1. SY Series I and II 1965-1980
    Hello, I have a silver shadow which for some reason is smoking very badly and was not running on all cylinders. It has been taken to numerous shops but no one seems to find the cause of the smoking. Now I have found a mechanic who seems to have a lot of knowledge about these cars and says he is...
  2. SY Series I and II 1965-1980
    Has anyone successfully replaced the rubber boots on the rear parking brake cables without replacing the whole cable? I’m wondering if I were to find the correct size boot if I could get it to stretch over the cable end without tearing.
  3. 1965-1980 Era
    Hello, I have a 1977 Silver Shadow II and I've caused myself an issue. I was updating the alternator and while checking to see which wire ran generator light I bumped Alternator feed wire in to block. It blew something because now I have no power at the ignition switch, it won't start and no...
1-3 of 3 Results