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  1. Bentley Azure Convertible

    Very clean Nana driven Azure.
  2. Spirit of Ecstasy not Working on Rolls Royce Ghost 2012

    Current Era 2003-present
    Hello everyone, Has anyone ever had a problem with their Spirit of Ecstasy not lowering? mine is stuck and doesn't lower from the main menu or even if you touch it from the outside of the car. Any ideas of what is wrong or what needs to be repaired. Thank you
  3. Lambswool floor mats ruining shoes

    Rolls-Royce and Bentley Discussion
    Anyone else having issue with dye of the lambswool floor mats transferring to white rubber shoe soles or light colored shoes? My 2018 RR ghost floor mats have ruined a pair of Fendi sneakers and Valentino sandals. I am frustrated this is happening as these are RR parts not replacement parts.
  4. 1999 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph All Gauges An Windows Not Working Well Only Start With a Boost

    Silver Seraph, Arnage, Azure
    PLEASE HELP! so i took my 1999 rolls royce silver seraph to European foreign classics in great neck long island for an oil change and transmission flush Once the car was ready Owner of the shop Tom Palasciano Charged me $1365 so i went in to pick it up an find that he has a battery charger...