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  1. SY Series I and II 1965-1980
    Hello all, I have the ignition switch box open that was on a 1979 Bentley T2, the car wont start. I am trying to find the 12v start signal however all I can find is a 50mv signal, even though it is being supplied with 12V. I've tested all other connections and this is the only reading that...
  2. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    Hello and thanks for reading, I’m an automotive service technician with 42 years experience working on automobiles and I have worked on a wide variety of vehicles equipped with the Bosch CIS and Motronic systems installed, including a number of Rolls Royces and Bentleys. This car belongs to a...
  3. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    Hello, :) I’m a middle aged female and I don’t have a ton of knowledge about cars, but I’m willing to learn and try. The most complicated thing I have done is replace ignition coils on a newer car and a starter on a boat. Someone recently gave me an 85 Silver Spur, possibly a II, but the book...
  4. 1965-1980 Era
    Hello, I have a 1977 Silver Shadow II and I've caused myself an issue. I was updating the alternator and while checking to see which wire ran generator light I bumped Alternator feed wire in to block. It blew something because now I have no power at the ignition switch, it won't start and no...
1-4 of 4 Results