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  1. Classifieds
    Parts remaining after I sold my 1987 Spur:16 hydraulic tappets(new-from UK), 2 Sachs shocks (GMF1205R), parts to convert cork valve cover gaskets to silicon, air filter, other misc. new and used parts. Larry Benson, [email protected]
    $800 USD
  2. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    I sold my 1987 Silver Spur and have these parts for sale:2 Sachs shocks (GMF1205R), parts to convert cork valve cover gaskets to silicone gaskets, air filter, 16 hydraulic tappets (from the UK), other miscellaneous new and used parts. Offers welcome-Larry [email protected]
  3. SY Series I and II 1965-1980
    Hello, I'm reassembling the engine of my SY1 but I have a nip problem. I have changed all the liners seals, cylinder heads have been resurfaced. Now I'm checking the nip before putting back the cylinder head with obviously new head gaskets. My problem is that the nip should be between 0,05 mm...
  4. Pre 1965 Models
    Hello, I have a 4.5l engine in a rolling chassis that I inherited recently and being new to the Bentley field, I have no idea what this would be worth. It appears that someone did some restoration work on the engine, it looks great as you'll see in the photos. I'd appreciate any information you...
  5. SY Series I and II 1965-1980
    Hello, I'm restoring de SY1 form 1970. I have a question about the engine deck surface. As you can see on this pictures the water damaged the surface. What are your tips about this ? Remove all the liners and cylinder head studs to resurface ? The manual says that it's bad to remove all the...
  6. 1965-1980 Era
    Hi all Witch side is the a and b side for timing I did see a mark on the cylinder heads a and b but the a mark is on the right hand side and b is on the left when I’m looking at the engine from the front is this wright in the Firing order diagrams the a is on the left Is it possible the...
  7. Classifieds
    For sale: a complete engine out of a 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II - 6,230cc (6.25L / 380 cu in) V8, 16 valves - estimated at around 200 hp @ 4,000 rpm. Single camshaft. Twin-SU carburetors with an automatic choke. We have owned this for a few years, it came as a spare with a project car. It...
  8. SZ Motorcars 1980-2003
    My 1989 Bentley Turbo R (~120k miles) tends to create a little puff of blue smoke upon cold start-up, followed by a significant tail of condensation or steam that persists until the vehicle reaches normal operating temperature. A lot of cars produce condensation when it’s cold out but this car...
1-8 of 8 Results