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Rolls Royce
Silver Shadow Series 1
Originally owned by British Rail in Swansea UK, this Shadow came to my home country of India in 1981 and remained with a close family friend for about 15 years after which they sold it to my late father. We were at the forefront of the Indian Automotive and Logistics scene in the late 90's to early 2000's and had successfully got in Mercedes, Porsche and Ford into India and hence the Rolls came in at the right time when the empire was at its peak. However though shortly after, my father passed away due to illness and the car was shifted to the ford workshop where it sat for a decade. I started the process of restoring the car when I was 13 years old and have completed it successfully this year - 2018 at the age of 16. she is my pride and joy.
1973 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Series 1 (Golden)


The original 6.75L V8 has been rebuilt to original specifications. The upgrades that have been made in order to make the car a daily driver include an Electronic ignition kit, Twin thermostat and manual switch enabled radiator cooling fans and a 78C thermostat that opens faster for better and faster cooling in todays traffic.
Leather has been replaced with white Stanley hide and the wood has been re-veneered to the original walnut burr finish. I have retrofitted an oil and temperature gauge as the car didn't come with one from the factory.
Has been repainted in the original factory shade of Golden and still retains its factory fitted vinyl top.
The original Becker Grand Prix module has been replaced with a new Blaupunkt module with the new tech like bluetooth. The front door speakers have been upgraded but the rear speakers are original and playing without any interference.
The original hydraulic self levelling suspension has been rebuilt to its former glory and still gives the magic carpet ride.
Wheel and Tire
The car is running on its original wheels with the wheel caps. The tyres have of course been replaced with the original spec Avon cross ply pinstripe White wall tires.



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