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What's The Deal with You Guyz?


Julian here..

I have no problem with hiding behind a veil of secrecy like everyone else here. I recently joined this forum, and am trying to decide whether it's worth my time to stick around here. I imagine that many of you guyz are older then me... I am 35... maybe the members here are retired and probably spent your retirement money on some really great cars or, for some other reason might have made a ton of cash in the 1980's and have actually paid the $120,000 price tag for these cars when new. Myself being a younger dude... have a very different viewpoint on these cars.

I don't appreciate the shitty wiring, crappy fuel injection, cracked leather, poor paint jobs from the factory, and in general somewhat lousy build quality and design of these cars. I do, however, enjoy the way they look, and the power they have. I like the 6.75 liter engine... when it runs which isn't very likely or often.

Do I enjoy the foolish... hopeless... non-working climate control? Or what about the completely unsafe... borderline deadly cruise control?

How about the idiosyncratic wipers and dumb security features that any 15 year old car thief of today could override in 3 minutes or less? No. Definitely not. Not at all.

I did, however promise to give this car to someone I care very much about as a gift... with a bunch of intelligent and easy to service modifications. Out goes the A/C, the EGR foolish joke of an atmospheric cleansing system, and in goes some intelligent... reliable modifications.

Don't get me wrong here... I drive a Tesla and never planned to deal with a gas engine car ever again. But for now, I have this project car and so far, it's been a terrible... aggravating... foolish experience. I have yet to see a better example of poor engineering. What in the world were the engineers at Rolls-Royce thinking? They must have been trying to impress the queen of England rather than trying to build a bullet proof, reliable automobile. Or maybe, as the literature I have read suggests, they were the victims of foreign takeover management, and several efforts were made to cut costs during these years. At any rate, Rolls Royce is now BMW from what I understand.. so the "mark" is really just another takeover brand. Just like Jaguar is now just an Indian TATA MOTORCAR.

The only car I can think of, possibly more foolish in design is the 1984 Corvette, and the 1985 Aston Martin Lagonda. Recently, I found someone who rebuilt the guage cluster in a 1984 Corvette, and he paid one of the only shops in the USA that knows how, or even has access to, the original microchips that run that system. How stupid is that? What I am saying is, why build such a huge, cool looking, powerful aura car, with legendary lineage, and put BOSCH INJECTION and a bunch of GUARANTEED TO FAIL ELECTRONICS to render the car UNUSABLE WITHIN 20 years.

Anyway, my question is... should I bother sticking around here? I think I have been fairly honest about my experiences so far... but if modifying one of these cars out of the norm is just too much for the PURISTS here to handle, then I will leave... happily.

Please advise.

On the other hand, I intend to share knowledge of the process, and 30 years from now, I guarantee this PROJECT car will be running, and every car on here will be in the junkyard.

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What are you sharing? It appears from your lengthy posts you are not happy with your purchase and again you should have done your due diligence. Get rid of the car and stop your whining here. All of us here know what they are dealing with and offer constructive advice to help others based on many years of experience with the marque. Lower your stress and be transported in your Tesla
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No, dont bother to stick around. we don't need you.

81 silver spirit
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Stay. Modify the **** out of your car and keep us posted. But understand that I personally disagree with a lot of what you say. The Bosch injection system is fairly bullet proof. And yes, Rolls Royce does some awful "Boutique engineering" that will make you scratch your head and go "huh"? Yes they have a funky braking system, but how many other cars have twin calipers on the front brakes? Or if you are driving a Corvette and your engine quits how many times can you pump the brakes until you have none? A Rolls should give you at least 25-50 pumps, more than enough to stop safely. It is a shame that you ended up with a crap car, there are more of them out there than good ones. The seat and alarm functions that fail in 10-15 years are service issues. If the car had been serviced by a dealer or specialist properly, these would have been kept up to date. Unfortunately, by the time that many years have passed, the car is no longer owned by the original purchaser and gets treated like a regular used car.
So what's the plan? LS6 engine? Nitrous? Brembo brakes, Ford 9' rear?
Check out ICON's Silver Cloud, now that's cool!

Oh, I was 36 when I got my first Bentley.
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That was Good
First my car is used everyday and douse about 10000 a year
The reliability of this car is 99%
The cost of Service is Cheaper than your car
I don't have to book a hotel room at Dover because i have run out of power
I have 860 NMT I can out drag a 996 TT Porsche I have 2 TV's 2 Cocktail Cabinets 2 Tables in the Back seats a Fridge in the boot

I realise you cant Brake down but please explain how long would it take you to go from somerset UK to London London to Dover Dover to The South of France which is about 1200 Miles
Your go Smart ass

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Don't know which RR or Bentely you have or had, but don't share your expereince, after 2RR, 2 Bentely in about 25 years.
Those cars are not the most relaible, but they have something special no others cars have in the world.

Enjoy your Tesla, but remeber a bad Tesla will bring as many problem, maybe more than any other cars, even RR or Bentley...


97 Continental R
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Hi Julian, If we're both still alive in 30 years time I may be interested to hear about the success or otherwise of your modifications but by that stage I may be suffering from dementia! Meanwhile I hope to continue to enjoy the comfort of my lovely Silver Shadow which is currently driving very nicely following almost 40 years of dependable service. I'm more an enthusiast of maintenance and restoration than "advancement" but I accept that certain upgrades can improve performance without the need for radical departure from what the engineers originally envisaged.
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It has been my observation, and direct experience with my two cars, that most (not all, but most) of the reliability problems with Rolls-Royce and Bentley motorcars comes directly from the fact that they simply sit too much. No mechanical device, and particularly one as complex as an automobile, benefits from disuse.

The best thing you can do is use these cars as cars were meant to be used. This means, by necessity, that routine maintenance that often "falls by the wayside" for cars that remain unused will occur, too.

I do agree, though, that the wiring on these cars is simply not as robust as it should have been. I am astounded at how thin certain wiring is in comparison to my Cadillac, Buick, and other cars. The wiring to the window motors looks like something from a toy car. That being said, I have not had any of the classic, "Lucas, Prince of Darkness," experiences in my Shadow II.


The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.
~ Niels Bohr

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Thanks for the votes... still trying to decide. It almost looks like a tie. I don't see much to gain here... and I don't see much knowledge flowing in my direction so far.
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Originally Posted by blackenedrolls View Post
Thanks for the votes... still trying to decide. It almost looks like a tie. I don't see much to gain here... and I don't see much knowledge flowing in my direction so far.
Given your superior attitude I wouldn't count on it flowing your way, either.

You simply have no clue as to how you read or how to introduce yourself to a new forum where the people present have years and years of experience. It's also not unusual for forums dealing with low production number vehicles to look askance at extensive modification. It makes the cars more difficult to understand within the community that actually understands them and invariably reduces their value and desirability among those who are generally the target market when it comes time to sell. This is coming from someone who believes that anyone has the right to do whatever they wish with a vehicle they own. But one should do so knowing precisely what that means in "the big picture."

Condescension isn't going to win you friends, though it certainly will influence people.


The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.
~ Niels Bohr

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