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Steve E
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No joy in UK with any trimmers, but some more ideas to put into google for you is.......reinforced rubber sheet....or.... reinforced EPDM sheet..........

I found this company but it is India

However if you log into the site and scroll down to Rs300 ''reinforced rubber sheet'' near the bottom it has something that almost looks the same surface finish as the original RR and at $2 (Rs 300) a kilo even minimum order of 10kg works out cheap but delivery customs cost I don't know how it works for you.

However it does show products are available so you may find something in US if you look for polymer suppliers rather than trimmers.

The Jute/hessian is sandwiched inside and for me that is good as that furry felt backing on the hardura can act like a sponge when it gets wet.

I know you like to do things right and to look right so just thought it may be of interest.

All the best


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