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Steve E
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I have never been able to source that Jute/hessian backed rubber butyl sound deadening.

Even our famous Woolies Classic Trim specialist here in UK have nothing like it.

The 3M piece you pictured does look a bit thin and personally I hate the self adhesive type and always prefer using a limited amount sparingly of contact adhesive.

I did buy a large roll of open cell skinned automotive sound deadener from Amazon a few years back when we did an old RangeRover for a farmer converting to a Perkins diesel engine. It was not really expensive either but about 6mm-8mm thick.

Just a few things to be wary of.....avoid some products as the moment you press them the pressure point mark end up a permanent indentation and looks awful. Avoid anything too that has a an aluminium foil outer as that soon looks bad.

Given the shape of the original part and in its installation is sitting FLAT and held by some components so would not require much contact adhesive to keep it in place so personally I think I would buy a piece of hessian/jute and a piece of around 1.5mm thick flat rubber/butyl sheet. Use contact adhesive to glue the two together and you should end up something more like original. Just a thought.

However I will ask around as I know a few trim specialist and if the correct material is around I will find out............keeps me out of trouble.

I use ''Noisco'' products in the UK but again nothing quite like that original RR stuff. I think there is something called Delement in the US but have no memory recall at the moment. 3M is good stuff and also using the usual thesaurus word options like accoustic, dampening, insulation, deadening etc and do try direct on Amazon too.

All the best

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